Cleo ChamberlainI have been a small business owner for over 35 years and though challenging at times, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Most of the experience has been as a Flight Instructor, Aircraft Mechanic and Office Manager/Business Builder.  The “Office Manager/Business Builder” title made it necessary for me to become computer savvy in the early 1990’s.

Also in the early 1990’s aviation technical data was becoming available through an internet connection.  It was sometimes a long, arduous process to connect to these technical sources, but necessary.  As many small business owners during that time, I found my way through the World Wide Web maze and made it work.

As the Internet grew into the very viable small business tool it is today, I grew with it.  Taking online courses for the various procedures I needed to know and devouring books on various subjects related to using the Internet for business growth, I became comfortable in the environment.  With this knowledge, I was able to construct our business websites, use the Internet in support of our business for inventory, aircraft brokering, marketing and scheduling.  The process took an amazing amount of time, but I felt I needed to accomplish it to sustain our business and make it grow.

Living in a very small town in Southwestern New Mexico where “making a living” means anything from ranching to working for a small business to running a small business to working for the government, I found that many of the small businesses in the area had no Internet presence at all.  If I needed to find a local service and did an Internet search, the results were of very little value.  There were a couple of great Websites that have an aggregate of local community-type listings, but searching for a business by name usually resulted in no hits for a business website.

My hope is to change that.  By offering Website services at a rate that won’t break the bank, I hope to work with small business owners in outlying areas who, with a basic website to start with and a little instruction, can have a web presence for their business.  They can then add to the site and maintain it themselves or employ my services to maintain it for them.  I will also be available to lend a hand if needed to overcome an obstacle or two as they learn how to navigate the various procedures.

I would be happy to speak with you about how this can work for you or communicate by email.  My toll-free number is 877-209-7506, local number is 575-557-2343 and email is cleo@sitesbycleo.com.