Sites by Cleo is a website design business in Rodeo, New Mexico.  My goal is to provide website design services to small businesses and individuals who need a web presence at a price they can afford.  Concentrating on small sites enables me to create websites that get the job done simply and reasonably.

Often the first step to getting a website up and running is the hardest step – making the decision to do it!  With the belief that a website is out of reach financially, many small business owners give up on the idea completely.  A website does not have to cost thousands of dollars to create.  It is very possible to start with a small site and, with some guidance, become your own “Webmaster” to update and add to it.

If the idea of being your own Webmaster doesn’t interest you, keeping your site updated and fresh is a service I provide at a very reasonable rate.  Regardless of whether you just want the site built and maintained by me or if you want to gain some knowledge to enable you to maintain it yourself, in today’s business climate, a website is a valuable asset.  Let me help you get one up and running.  Contact me by email by clicking here.